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Our Grants Programme

The Racing Foundation offers three funding rounds a year and accepts applications from registered charities whose projects directly benefit the horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industry.

Three types of grants are offered:

Small Grants – of up to £10,000

Open Grants – from £10,000 upwards

Equine Science Research Grants

All applications are to be submitted via an online system and further information on what we do and don’t fund; what will be involved in the application process and what the deadline dates are, can be found below.

Areas of Interest

Through our Small Grants and Open Grants Programme, we are keen to attract applications that support the work of charities in the following areas:

Social Welfare

  • The improvement in the health or the rehabilitation from injury of current or former members of the horseracing industry.
  • The prevention or relief of poverty among current or former members of the horseracing industry and their dependents.
  • Community development work in areas particularly connected with the horseracing industry (provided it is clear how such grant will benefit current or former members of the horseracing industry).

Education, Training & Participation

  • The promotion of education and training connected with the horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industry.

Thoroughbred Horse Welfare

  • The improvement of the welfare of current or former Thoroughbred racehorses.

Heritage and Culture

  • The preservation or enhancement of the understanding of the history of the sport of horseracing, and its associated cultural impacts.

What We Will Fund

We accept applications for:

Project costs, core costs or capital projects, which may include funding for overheads and staff salaries (applications for staffing costs primarily associated with fundraising will only be accepted for a limited grant period and on condition that applicants can demonstrate how the proposed role fits within their wider fundraising strategy).

Multi-year grants, usually up to a maximum of three years (although longer periods may be considered in exceptional circumstances).

Innovative or risky projects if it can be shown that the work has the potential to achieve a substantial impact.

We encourage applications for Joint projects that involve organisations working in collaboration and for projects where efforts are being made to secure match-funding.

Other Considerations

We are only able to accept applications from charities – ie an institution established for exclusively charitable purposes. As well as charities registered with the Charity Commission, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, this may include unregistered charities with an annual income of less than £5,000 or charities regulated by another body including universities and higher education corporations, registered Industrial and Provident Societies and registered Friendly Societies.

When assessing applications, we will consider the ability of a charity to self-fund (including a consideration of its reserves position) or to fund from alternative sources.

We expect to make the majority of our grants to charities with objects that are directly associated with the horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industry. However, we may fund organisations that do not work exclusively within the industry when the work is of exceptional quality and can be shown to directly impact industry participants.

Guidance notes are available in a printable pdf format using the link below. These include an overview of what the Racing Foundation’s Trustees will focus on when allocating grant awards.

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