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Our Grants Programme

The Racing Foundation offers three funding rounds a year and accepts applications organisations whose charitable projects directly benefit the horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industry.

Three types of grants are offered:

Small Grants – of up to £20,000

Open Grants – from £20,000 upwards

Equine Science Research Grants

All applications are to be submitted via an online system and further information on what we do and don’t fund; what will be involved in the application process and what the deadline dates are, can be found below.

Equine Science Research Grants  

These guidance notes refer specifically to grant applications that are eligible for the Equine Science Research Grants programme.

The Racing Foundation will consider equine science* research grant applications for applied research in the field of equine science, as long as the research has demonstrable practical benefits to Thoroughbred horseracing and only where the useful results of any such research will be published and publicised.

*The use of the phrase ‘equine science’ is intended to allow flexibility to applicants across a broad range of equine related disciplines, including veterinary, biological science, non-biological science and technical interests, with the focus on the application of relevant equine related scientific and technical knowledge to benefit Thoroughbred horseracing.

We currently work in partnership with the Horserace Betting Levy Board (HBLB) to administer and assess grant applications for equine science research in one funding round per year.

To make an application, you will need to register as a user of the HBLB’s equine grants system. Once registered you will be able to build and submit a grant application form. To ensure that your application is considered for Racing Foundation funding you will need to mark the relevant box on the application summary. 

Once submitted, your application will be administered by the HBLB’s equine grants team. It will be scrutinised by a number of external peer reviewers and evaluated by the HBLB’s Veterinary Advisory Committee. The final funding decision will be made by the Racing Foundation’s Trustees.

Please note that the Racing Foundation is unable to enter into any correspondence with applicants seeking to appeal against a decision to reject a funding application. All grant paperwork and subsequent monitoring will be issued by the HBLB.

For further information please contact Annie Dodd, Grants Manager at the HBLB, on 020 7333 0043 extension 873 or email


The Racing Foundation operates one annual funding round for Equine Science Research Grant applications. The 2021 funding round will be open from 9th April and will close at 2pm on Monday 21st June, after which time applications will be subject to a lengthy review and assessment process by the VAC before final approval in mid-December. This means projects will not commence until 2022. 

Please click Apply Now to start your grant application.

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