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Our Grants Programme

The Racing Foundation offers three funding rounds a year and accepts applications from registered charities whose projects directly benefit the horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industry.

Three types of grants are offered:

Small Grants – of up to £10,000

Open Grants – from £10,000 upwards

Equine Science Research Grants

All applications are to be submitted via an online system and further information on what we do and don’t fund; what will be involved in the application process and what the deadline dates are, can be found below.

The application process

The Racing Foundation operates a structured application process. We do not, under any circumstances, make grants in response to applications received in the form of general appeals or mail shots. Please also note that our Trustees will not accept personal approaches in support of an application.

The Racing Foundation operates a three-month application process, three times a year.

Month 1: First stage of the application process to be completed online via a standard form that requests basic charity information and the charity’s most recent audited accounts. It will also require a one-page overview of the proposed project for which funding is being requested. This should be attached as a Word or PDF document and should address the following in no more than 600 words:

  • What you would like the Racing Foundation to fund.
  • How you know there is a need for this work.
  • What difference the work will make and who will benefit from it.
  • How the work is aligned with our strategy.
  • The nature of the work and whether it is ambitious and innovative.

If you are successful with your first stage application, it will be progressed to the second stage.

A printable list of the questions asked by the online application will be available on the Registration/Log-in page when you start your application.

Month 2: Second stage of the application process:

Small Grants (under £10,000)

Applicants will be contacted by our Grants Manager, via phone or email, to discuss the proposed project further and provide additional information, as required. This is likely to include a budget breakdown.

Open Grants (over £10,000)

Charities will be sent a detailed form, via email, for completion by a specified date. It will ask specific questions about the proposed project and will request a detailed breakdown of costs and match-funding. The completed form is to be no more than 5 pages in length, plus budget and plus relevant supporting documents that can be included as appendices.

To assist with completion of the form, discuss the project further and provide guidance on what the Racing Foundation’s Trustees are likely to consider when discussing grant awards, each applicant will be contacted by the Grants Manager to arrange a meeting or conference call.

Month 3: The Racing Foundation’s Trustees will meet to discuss grant allocation. All applicants will be contacted within 2 weeks of the meeting to be advised of the outcome.

To see what aspects the Foundation’s Trustees will focus on when considering grant applications, please click on the Guidance Notes below.

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