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Racing Foundation launches COVID-19 Impact Survey for Racing Charities Image

Racing Foundation launches COVID-19 Impact Survey for Racing Charities

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

In the face of the global Coronavirus pandemic, which has already resulted in the cancellation of racing until the end of April, Grant-maker, the Racing Foundation, is in discussion with other funders about the potential to launch a support fund to help racing charities across the country during this difficult time.

This approach has already seen an Impact Survey sent out to racing charities with the intention of understanding the scale of the issues being faced, the associated financial impact and where the greatest need lies.

Charities are urged to summarise their risk assessment and return the survey as soon as possible.

Racing Foundation Chief Executive Rob Hezel said: “We are acutely aware of the potential issues and risks that the current COVID-19 situation poses for racing, its participants both human and equine and for the various individual charities who support them within the industry. 

“While it is essential we work in a co-ordinated way with other industry bodies and the industry plans that are being prepared we are already in discussion with other funders to try and create a specific fund to assist with the challenges that the racing charity sector will face over the coming weeks and possibly months. The impact survey will help to identify the risks they are facing.”

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