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Our Grants Programme

The Racing Foundation offers three funding rounds a year and accepts applications organisations whose charitable projects directly benefit the horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industry.

Three types of grants are offered:

Small Grants – of up to £20,000

Open Grants – from £20,000 upwards

Equine Science Research Grants

All applications are to be submitted via an online system and further information on what we do and don’t fund; what will be involved in the application process and what the deadline dates are, can be found below.

Application deadlines

For the Small Grants and Open Grants Programmes, the Racing Foundation accepts and considers applications for funding three times a year. Grant applications must be received before the stated deadlines, otherwise the application will be carried forward to the next funding round. For information on deadlines for the next funding rounds please see below.

Please note that the Foundation is unable to enter into any correspondence with charities seeking to appeal against a decision to reject a funding application.

Deadline for
submitting first stage application
Deadline for
submitting second stage application
Trustees meet to
consider applications

1st round, 2021 - CLOSED

Friday 15th January  

Friday 26th February 

Thursday 8th April 

2nd round, 2021 Tuesday 4th May   Friday 18th June  

Wednesday 21st July

3rd round, 2021   Friday 9th September  Friday 15th October 

Wednesday 24th November 

Changes to the online application form 

If you have applied to the Racing Foundation, before, please note that the online application form has been updated and a number of new questions have been added. Following a review of our grant-making activity during 2012-2017 we have implemented a new strategy for 2018-2020 (further information available here>>) which has led to a specific focus on outcomes and impact. As a result there are a number of questions that have been added to the online form that will enable us to better evaluate the projects we support and to measure the impact of our funding. A full list of questions can be downloaded at the beginning of the online process.

Please also note the following updates:

An applicant's governance structure, staff development policies and alignment with industry strategies may be considered as part of the assessment process.

An applicant may now be asked to provide a business plan and fundraising strategy - both for the project for which they are seeking funding and also for the charity as a whole.

The Racing Foundation reserves the right to conduct an independent evaluation of projects, at any stage, to assess progress and outcomes. Any concerns regarding performance of a project may result in partial repayment of a grant and/or multi-year pledges being deferred or withdrawn.

Data Protection

Please note: to process and manage a grant application, the Racing Foundation will require the name, email address and work telephone number of a representative of each charity to act as a main point of contact.  We have produced a Privacy and Data Protection Policy for grant applications that outlines how this personal data will be stored and used. Before registering your application or supplying any personal details you will be asked to read this Privacy and Data Protection Policy and agree to its terms.  

To see a full copy of the Grant Applications Privacy and Data Protection Policy please click here>.

Before submitting an application please read our guidance notes by clicking here>.

If you would now like to go ahead with an application, please click on the link below.

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